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Strategic Consulting

Gilbert Strategic Solutions provides strategic consulting services at all stages of the dispute resolution process. We solve problems. This includes strategic assessment and advice with respect to:

  • Minimizing the likelihood of disputes arising at the outset;

  • Structuring dispute resolution processes, including litigation, to maximize the likelihood of consensual resolution; and

  • Resolving disputes constructively and efficiently through negotiation, mediation and other facilitation processes.  


Scott D. Gilbert mediates complex disputes. Some disputes are in litigation or arbitration in the U.S. or abroad; others are not yet in adversary proceedings. Disputes may be bilateral or may involve multiple parties and interests. Disputes may involve governmental actors, either directly or indirectly. The goal is the same: Constructive, comprehensive, and efficient resolution.

Judge's Gavel on Books

Scott D. Gilbert serves as an arbitrator in complex disputes. Depending on the arbitration agreement, Scott may be the sole arbitrator, a party-appointed panel arbitrator, or a neutral. The arbitration may be binding or non-binding. The goal is a prompt, efficient and fair resolution.

Civil and Human Rights Advocacy

Scott D. Gilbert provides pro-bono strategic advice and negotiation services in support of civil and human right issues. This includes facilitating the release of U.S. citizens held hostage in countries throughout the world.

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