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One of the nation’s foremost strategic advisors and experts



For over 40 years, Scott D. Gilbert has been at the forefront of complex dispute resolution in the U.S. and abroad. Recognized as one of the nation’s premier strategic advisors and experts in alternative dispute resolution and negotiation strategy, Scott founded Gilbert Strategic Solutions to focus on strategic counseling and the constructive resolution of high-stakes disputes, including those involving individuals, businesses, and governments.

Whether serving as a mediator, strategic advisor, or negotiator, Scott solves problems practically, comprehensively, and efficiently. He makes it a priority to understand the respective parties’ goals, interests, and constraints. Providing services at all stages of the dispute resolution process, Scott has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies, nationally recognized plaintiff counsel, state and local government agencies, and U.S. officials.


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Robert Barnett, Partner, Williams & Connolly

"Scott Gilbert is the Maestro.  Whether it is legal problems, negotiation, consulting, mediation, arbitration, or strategic advice, Scott comes through.  A problem could not have a better solver.  A client could not be in better hands."

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Kenneth Feinberg, Mediator, The Feinberg Group

“Gilbert is one of the most creative, strategic and competent lawyers that has worked with me over the past decades. When it comes to problem solving he knows how to get to ‘yes.’ President Kennedy once said that ‘Every single individual in America can make a difference.’ Scott Gilbert makes a difference.”


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James Hipolit, General Counsel, Irex Corp.

"Scott Gilbert is one of the nation’s preeminent counselors and mediators. He has an unparalleled ability to analyze complex legal situations, develop creative solutions and successfully navigate difficult and complicated negotiations. Scott’s expertise goes well beyond the asbestos insurance and bankruptcy arenas, and he has successfully tackled the most difficult and challenging legal problems.  He has my highest recommendation."


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Alan Gross, Political Prisoner-Cuba

"My ordeal as a political hostage was ended thanks to his expert problem-solving and negotiating skills. Scott has an uncanny ability to analyze the big picture and all of its components while quickly and strategically understanding how to make the pieces of a complex puzzle come together."

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